Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Katrina Percy takes on new role with Southern Health

"Katrina Percy said `the effect ongoing personal media attention has had on staff and patients` had made her position as boss of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust untenable."

"Ms Percy had faced calls to quit after the trust was criticised over the way it investigated patient deaths."

"An NHS England-commissioned probe found 272 of the 722 deaths over the last four years were dealt with properly." [That`s a strange way of putting it because it means most deaths were not dealt with properly.]

"Ms Percy, who was chief executive for nine years, said she "`irmly believed` it was her responsibility to stay on to `oversee improvements`."

"She said she understood why `many will say I should have stepped down sooner given the very public concerns which have been raised in the past months`."

"Ms Percy said she was taking on a new role with Southern Health providing `strategic advice to local GP leaders`."

"A spokeswoman for the trust said Ms Percy's salary - which is quoted in the trust's annual report as between £180,000 and £190,000 - would remain the same when she moved to the advisory role."

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