Sunday, 14 August 2016

Moray council will implement Named Person scheme

By Alison Preuss

"Ciaran Gilchrist struggles to eat and can be sick dozens of times a day because of severe food allergies which causes his throat to become inflamed, known as eosinophilic esophagitis, which affects just one in three million."

"However, when he continued to miss classes at Speyside High School, in Aberlour, Moray, his named person a guidance teacher referred the family to a children’s reporter."

"The 14-year-old’s outraged mother, Clare, said the state guardian had needlessly interfered in their lives making the family feel like criminals."

"She spoke against the scheme, which has been trialled in parts of Scotland, as it came to light Moray Council is going to implement the practice from Tuesday despite a Supreme Court ruling last month that elements of the legislation were unlawful and in breach of human rights..."

"Ms Gilchirst, from Rothes, said her son’s poor school attendance was seized upon by his named person."

"She explained the teacher `dragged in child protection and referred us to the children’s reporter` and added: "The council do not have policies for chronic illness in schools and force ill children to attend full-time whatever the cost to their health..."

"Last year a senior council employee confirmed there was a new system for data collection and sharing designed to support the scheme."

"Anne Pendery, service manager for the integration of children’s services, said personal data of every child and associated adult was to be held on a single electronic record with `information from every organisation involved`."

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