Thursday, 25 August 2016

Bill could make reporting criminal behaviour a crime

"The shocking film Vaxxed  is drawing audiences all over the country. It details the confessions of a CDC researcher, William Thompson, who states that he and his colleagues buried data in a key study on the MMR vaccine."

"In the study, the vaccine was given a free pass, with assurances that it didn’t increase the risk of autism in childrenwhen, in fact, the data showed it did increase that risk."

"The key moments in Vaxxed are audio recordings of CDC researcher Thompson confessing his sins."

"But wait. Now we have a bill, AB 1671, up before the California legislature. If it passes, it could make it a crime to screen Vaxxed or even write an article about it... The bill would criminalise publishing undercover video footage of `health care providers` and subject third parties, including journalists, to penalties for reporting and distributing the illegally recorded footage..."

"Under AB 1671, a journalist receiving and posting footage from an anonymous source could be punished by the state as well as opened up to potential civil lawsuits. Whistleblowers would not be exempt from the proposal either, regardless of how they obtained the illegal footage..."

"In the case of Vaxxed, the film makers received or obtained the recordings of CDC researcher Thompson and used them to make their case: Thompson was confessing to crimes he and colleagues committed at the CDC."

"But if AB 1671 passes, releasing those recordings and commenting on them, in a film, could be considered a crime, punishable by fine, jailand the film makers could also be open to lawsuits."

"And of course, Vaxxed could be banned from all theatres in California."

"As bizarre as it seems, AB 1671 isn’t just targeting people who make the undercover recordings. Its focus is on reporters who receive those recordings and then use them, post them, and write about them."

"This lunatic attack on free speech coordinates tightly with the infamous 2015 California law, SB277, which made vaccinating California school children mandatory." 

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