Saturday, 6 August 2016

Named person continues on a voluntary basis in Moray ?

Moray Council is one of five local authorities that has been operating an early version of the Named Person scheme. On 1 October 2015, Dayna Dickson-Boath, who had been the Named Person for 200 children, appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court and was put on the sex offenders register.

The Named Person scheme produced more problems for the Council during the Easter break this year when teachers were on holiday. Senior officers had to take on the role of 80 Named Persons. "These officers still had their own work to do but on a single day one officer received 25 police referrals to deal with as the Named Person."

However, according to Inside Moray there will be no immediate halt for the Named Person scheme.

"The Supreme Court ruling focused on information sharing under the legislation, saying it could not go ahead as it was a breach of the human rights of children having personal information shared between individuals and organisations without their prior knowledge or consent."

"On Sunday, Mr Swinney issued a statement clarifying the situation for local authorities that already had sections of the legislation in place. That concentrated in particular on the criticisms in the Supreme Court judgement, telling Council’s that they needed to ensure `that policy and practice continues to be in line with relevant legislation`."

"Moray Council has been advised that: `The judgment found that the principle of the Named Person was compatible with EU and human rights law. A local authority or health board can (start or continue to) nominate a person as the Named Person for a particular child, and to arrange for that person to be responsible within the organisation for the provision or coordination of services to that child, and to be a single point of contact in relation to that child`."

"`Local authorities and health boards should take care to reiterate the voluntary nature of any advice, information, support or help offered by the Named Person."

Are we expected to believe that information shared with the Named Person in Moray Council was on a voluntary basis?

Does that include the 25 police referrals to the Named Person during the Easter break ?


See Named Person explained - for those who are not wilfully blind

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