Saturday, 6 August 2016

8-year-old Palestinian girl robbed of her bike by Israeli cop

"An Israeli cop has been suspended after a heartbreaking video was posted online showing two officers terrorize an innocent 8-year-old Palestinian girl."

"The video, which was taken last week and surfaced on Tuesday, shows two Israeli border officers confronting a terrified 8-year-old Palestinian girl, Anwar Burqan, on Hebron’s al-Ibrahimi St., demanding she stop on the roadside. When the first officer confronts the girl he stomps on her bike and berates her until she runs away screaming and crying."

"After the girl runs away, another officer walks up, grabs her bike and throws it into the bushes."

"According to Haaretz, large swaths of al-Ibrahimi St. are closed to Palestinian traffic. Apparently, the girl’s bicycle was confiscated because she was riding in a part of the street closed to Palestinians."

"This tyrannical policy gives these officers no reason to act in such a manner. Anwar Burqan is an innocent child, she does not deserve to be terrorized by cops because she happened to be born Palestinian."

"According to the report in Haaretz, Ranya, the girl’s mother, told Haaretz that since the incident took place her daughter refuses to leave the house, is scared, and shouts. `It was a trauma that will stay with her for her whole life. I don’t know for what reason that soldier attacked her. Even if she entered a place she wasn’t allowed to enter, what danger or threat did she pose she’s only an eight-year-old girl.` The mother added that she didn’t expect that the officer would be punished or prosecuted."

"She is right."

"Raed Abu Ramileh, the man who filmed the incident recalls, `I saw that soldier coming toward the girl and I decided to document it. It was very difficult to watch, especially when you hear the girl crying and wailing`."

"Indeed, it is very difficult to watch."


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