Friday, 12 August 2016

A letter to Nicola Sturgeon

David Scott and Brian Gerrish are in conversation about the Brian and Janice Docherty case again, on UK Column News. [12 August 2016]

"Why do we keep banging on about child-abuse?  Because this is the engine of this criminal perverted Westminster elite and if we get to grips with what`s been happening with our children we will be able to identify the criminals who are currently running the country and we are going to be able to improve the country. Now we`re not just talking here about Westminster because of course we can follow this story north of the border and I`ll recap here; we did bring this up on screen the other day ... "

"We`ve got some really excellent letters that have been written, principally by a lady member of the public; but she`s got straight to the point. This is one letter she`s written to Jack Murray, Child Protection Policy, Children and Families Directorate... quite a mouthful, but a man who`s essentially in charge of the protection of children in Scotland and she takes him to task."

"But of course the same lady has also written a letter to Ms Sturgeon. Now it`s quite long. But I`m going to ask people to stay with me . There`s somebody who has completely nailed Ms Sturgeon and the Scottish Government. So it`s an open letter."


"It`s `Your refusal to uphold the rule of law:`

"It says: `Thank you for your acknowledgement of my letter received by you on 5 August 2016`."

"The hounding of the Docherty family which was unlawfully instigated by Police Scotland after Brian Docherty reported a man who offered him £25,000 for `access` to his four-year-old autistic son continues.  The four Docherty children remain in `care` in the Republic of Ireland, their perfectly sane parents are remorselessly pursued, with a view to sectioning them (shades of the old USSR). Scottish institutions sink further and further into a mire of corruption, as no attempt is made to remove the rogue elements busily engaged in debasing them, and you indicate, by off-loading the responsibility onto other, less potentially effective shoulders, that all this has nothing to do with you."

"Are you happy to be presiding over a country where the powers of law enforcement are conferred, in the words of prominent Scottish journalist and supporter of the SNP, Kevin McKenna, on a `feral and out-of-control police force` which, armed with guns and accountable to nobody but itself, is `running amok`? Which, far from maintaining law and order, has apparently entered into a criminal conspiracy with a foreign government to attack those whose lives and property it is paid to protect?"

"What kind of independent Scotland do you envisage? Is it one where the rule of law no longer holds sway? Where criminals masquerading as police officers terrorise the population, and children can be stolen, screaming from their parents by virtue of fabricated `concern reports`?"

"Please note, once again, Janice and Brian Docherty have never been accused of any crime. No valid case against them has been advanced in a Scottish court. No trial is taking place, or, indeed, likely to take place. You would not, therefore, be violating the separation of powers, should you choose to intervene on their behalf. You would simply be upholding the rule of law, and the right of law-abiding people to be left in peace."

"Again, there is no evidence, beyond unsubstantiated allegations elicited by Police Scotland and dismissed out of hand by an inconveniently honest judge in an Irish Court, to suggest that Janice and Brian Docherty are anything but irreproachable parents. Indeed, the appointed guardian ad litem has written to them as follows: `From my own perspective as a children`s Guardian Ad Litem, I can assure you that I believe, and have informed the court, that you have four wonderful children whose presentation, abilities, sensitivity and care for one another is testament to you both and the loving which you have provided to the children.` You would, therefore, only be endorsing the lady`s unbiased professional opinion, should you intervene with the Irish government to restore the Docherty children to their loving parents."

"You know, and the Dochertys know, and those of us who have been writing to you on behalf of the Dochertys know, that there is no lawful reason for you to refrain from offering this family your assistance. Please stop spinning `the line` that there is."


"David this is a really incredible letter because it takes quite a lot of information. It just drills into the key elements of this case. Do you expect Nippy Sturgeon to respond?"

"[inaudible] It`s beautifully put. One of many fantastic letters that have been going in, from many people to the authorities and pointing out that simply saying: `Well I will point you in the direction of the complaints department` ... is not good enough. There`s clear evidence of criminal wrong doing. To do nothing is to endorse that criminal behaviour; is to protect that criminal behaviour and the nothing that we`re getting from Nicola Sturgeon and so many others, including Enda Kenny in Ireland, is simply unacceptable, from a point of view of lawful conduct."

"Right. Good news, we have got some movement I believe with information that is coming in about the case itself. Now I know some of this is very sensitive and we`re having to protect identities of people giving us information. Can you give us a little bit on the latest with regard to help from the public?"

"Yes, we are getting quite a lot of information. We`re trying to get, on one front, a full picture without any help from Police Scotland, a full picture of Alan Low. And we hope to have something shortly on that up on the website. And we`re also unpicking the relationships between some of the other players in this story. It is now known to us, for example, that the policeman named the designated perjurer by the Dochertys, who appears in Ireland to give evidence against them - this is a policeman they have never met who had never met their family - and he stood up and he recounted how delusional these people were despite that being also outwith his professional competence. Well he is also in the same office as many of the other players ... We`re talking a friends network here operating on one level against the Dochhertys and we`re starting to make those links between the individuals. But on a much larger scale we have had shocking testimony coming to us from well connected people that has substantiated essentially every single allegation that the Dochertys have made. It has substantiated their worst nightmares about what was going on when there were excavations on that estate. It refers to bodies. It refers to the disposal of bodies. And it is stunning evidence and we`re looking to add to this. And there will be more to report in weeks and months to come."

"OK. Right. Thank you very much for that. .. One of the themes really that we can see in these investigations is that it is quite clear the public is now starting to move. Individuals are prepared to start asking quesions and write letters and of course this is what is really essential in order to bring our politicians and people who are in control of the situation to book."

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