Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Vexatious phone call to Sara Ryan

From Justice for LB:
"I’ve spent about an hour trying to write a blog post but keep deleting the words. Today Sara shared the audio message below which she picked up from her work answerphone."

"Good morning, hello, hi, this is a message for Dr Sara Ryan, um I’ve been seeing on the media about your son, your poor son who died in the care of Southern Health. I work for Southern Health and I feel awful that you lost him, I’m so sorry that you have done, it’s tragic, and, I hope you find some closure after the report, the issue of the GM… urgh CQC report today, but I do think you are being very vindictive. I think you are a vindictive cow."
"On TV all the time, ummm, slating the NHS Southern Health. With your intelligent background, you know, as much as much as anyone else knows, that Southern Health only took over those units in Oxfordshire recent, you know the recent months before your son died."
"You know, with your background, it takes a while to make changes in anywhere, and I think now you’ve just become a [inaudible] and you want some attention, but you are vindictive and you are unpleasant, and you are a nasty cow." 
9.33am Friday April 29th

Dr Sara Ryan has recently passed on leaked documents to the police showing that Southern Health NHS Trust was already aware of the dangers to patients 10 months before her son died in their care.

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