Monday, 23 May 2016

Employers expected to spy on young workers

"Bosses in Scotland will be expected to spy on young adults at work after being drafted in to police the Named Person scheme. Employers are set to join taxi drivers among the ranks of those monitoring young people and reporting conversations back to their `state guardians`."

"The chilling move, part of the SNP`s controversial Named Person plan, has been attacked by business leaders."

"School leavers aged between 16 and 18 no longer have a Named Person at school but still fall within the scheme. Thirteen local authorities say bosses who hire these young adults can, or should, pass on their `concerns` to their Named Person."

"In an Orwellian statement, some said this is because every single person in Scotland has a responsibility or `duty` to report to the state guardians. The move follows revelations that more than 600 taxi drivers in the Borders who take young people to school have been instructed to pass on information about their welfare."

"David Watt, Scottish director of business group the Institute of Directors, said: `I am very concerned about this. Young people in Scotland aged 16 to 18 are allowed to vote and die for their country so, to a large extent, are adults. We don`t want any more red tape, also we don`t want to be seen as interfering in a young person`s life."

"`We understand the necessity of a duty of care for employees and would raise concerns if anyone was being mistreated or abused. However, I don`t think it should ever get to the point where an employer could be seen as to blame for not reporting concerns.`.."

"A spokesman for Scottish Borders Council said: `If a young person requires the services of a Named Person and they are currently employed by a company or organisation, then the Named Person would be working with the employer to best meet the needs of the young person.`.."

"Not all councils said that an employer had to contact a Named Person,, only that they could do so. Those who said employers could report concerns include Angus, Midlothian, North Ayrshire, Orkney, South Lanarkshire, Moray, Edinburgh and Falkirk councils."

"Several said that anyone could report concerns to a Named Person - or even that it was everyone`s duty to do so."

"Julie Muir, senior manager at East Ayrshire Council, said `If an employer has a concern over the welfare of an employee under the age of 18, which cannot be resolved by speaking personally with them, then flagging up that concern with their Named Person would be an appropriate course of action.`.."

A" Government spokesman said: `The local authority of residence will be required to make a Named Person available to those under 18 years who have left school and they will notify these individuals of how they can contact the services..."


"New Education Secretary John Swinney has said there will be no climbdown over state snoopers."

"He told a Sunday newspaper: `The health and wellbeing of children is at the heart of the Named Person discussion.`"

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