Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Andreia`s battle to regain her children

Diaspora Românească, April 26th, 2016

"In 2009 a UK judge decided to take away her children. Andreia has ever since struggled to get them back. She says she was humiliated, threatened and even arrested for just trying to get a glimpse of her kids. British authorities required her not to talk publicly about her case if she ever wants to see them again."
"But, after widespread international support for Bodnariu family, who also have Romanian ties and who have been going through the same ordeal in Sweden*, Andreia decided her only hope is that the rest of the world finds out about her nightmare... "

"Andreia has tried to get them back but with no success. She has tearfully declared to Diaspora Românească: `These professionals said themselves that my husband was dangerous, lying and manipulative, but they did not take into account the fact that I was also one of his victims. I paid for my own psychological counselling sessions. My counsellor wrote a favourable report on my progress and my ability to protect my children. But this report, as many others, was not taken into account by the court of law when I asked to be given back my children. In the meantime I remarried a young man my own age who loves me and understands me. He stood by me in my fight to regain custody of my children. Both my husband Alex and me have proven we have everything needed to raise these children. But each time we met with the authorities’ refusal`."
"The girls were put into an English family. The boy was taken to an orphanage, where he suffered physical and emotional abuse from the older boys. `The law says my boy should not have been taken to that place, because he was too young. He was harassed and his behaviour was negatively impacted, but the police say there is no sufficient evidence. He was just recently moved to the care of a man who really takes care of him. I have all the respect for this man who helps my child, he’s a true man`, added Andreia."

*Not Sweden, but Norway

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