Thursday, 12 May 2016

The best in class ?

The Sutton Trust is a do tank, they say of themselves. They commission regular research to influence policy and to inform their programmes to improve social mobility through education.

Here, Norman Atkins from Relay Graduate School of Education gives a US perspective at Sutton Trust`s Best in Class summit in March 2016.

It`s one to keep an eye on. This is what critics say of the Relay Graduate School of Education:
"Reformsters have managed to build and fund an entire alternate education universe in which they make up their own credentials, their own schools, their own entire system built on a foundation of nothing but money, connections, and huge brass balls. There's never been anything like it since hucksters pitched medicinal snake oil off the back of a wagon, and it would be kind of awesomely amazing, like watching a python consume an entire elephant - except that instead of an elephant, this parallel shadow system is gutting public education in the communities where it is most needed." Read more.

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