Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ineos is pushing ahead with fracking in Scotland

"The petrochemical company, Ineos, is hiring new managers and scientists in London with the `immediate intention` of pushing ahead with fracking central Scotland."

"The £28 billion multinational, which runs plants at Grangemouth, is advertising for a new director, a land manager and geologists to exploit licences granted by the UK government to frack for underground shale gas across hundreds of square kilometres around Falkirk and Stirling."

"The company is proceeding despite a Scottish Government moratorium and widespread opposition to fracking from communities and political parties. Its move has prompted furious responses from environmentalists and campaigners."

"Mark Ruskell, environment spokesman for the Scottish Greens and the newly-elected MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, accused Ineos of jumping the gun. `Scottish communities have made clear their opposition to this dangerous and unnecessary technology and will be angered to hear that this company is gearing up for drilling,` he said."

"`It shows the need for the SNP to come down clearly on the side of communities and turn the moratorium into a permanent ban. The new group of Green MSPs will continue to lead the political fight against fracking and we will increase the pressure on ministers to stop Ineos in their tracks.`..."

"Mary Church, head of campaigns at Friends of the Earth Scotland, accused Ineos of `bullishly` pushing ahead with fracking despite opposition. `Unlike in the rest of the UK, in Scotland Ineos needs to get permission from every single home or landowner who they want to frack underneath,` she said."

"`Given the strong opposition in communities facing fracking, the companys new land agents will have their work cut out for them. Its pretty telling that the first of Ineoss promised fracking jobs are all based in London, bringing nothing to the communities targeted for this dirty industry in Scotland and northern England`."

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