Friday, 20 May 2016

Building stronger families ?


"Most people, when they find work think that they are safe, that they don`t have to worry about the Jobcentre anymore. They, quite rightly, feel that they have achieved a great goal and have found a job. Whether that job is a part time job or full time job it is what both themselves and the DWP want. They think that they won`t be monitored anymore, that they will be free to enjoy their life. All that will be changing once everyone is switched over to Universal Credit."

"Universal Credit will be taking over the Working Tax Credit, and Child Tax Credit element and therefore if you either work part time hours, or earn a low wage and have to top up with Working Tax Credit, Child Tax credit and Housing Benefit you will be forced to comply with in work conditionality..."

"According to the select committee report your employer will become a co-signer to your claimant commitment that you will be forced to sign, and adhere to once you are shifted over to Universal Credit..."

"What happened to the data protection act I hear you ask? Last year there was a cross party campaign, including Labour politicians to allow third parties access to your claimant information. They thought that this would be a good thing, and they thought this because it would allow agencies such as housing associations access to your claimant information so they could ‘help’ you."

"This will ensure that there will be no privacy for Universal Credit claimants."

"To make this very clear. Universal Credit claimants that are working have to be answerable to their ‘job coach’. They have to be seen to do adequate jobsearches and they have to prove that they are doing this, the same as unemployed Universal Credit claimants. The job searches on top of their working hours can range from 16-30 hours, depending on the hours that you have worked. The new powers will enable employers to become involved with this."

"They already have plans to move this scheme to higher earning claimants and will implement in work progression to those earning up to 20k to level it off to the benefit cap. In their words `If in work progression is such a good thing for the 1 million poorer workers, why not benefit the better off workers to the same conditionality?`"

"`We will treat working claimants with light touch conditionality.` Tell that to the workers that have already been sanctioned and are suffering, many with children."

An East Lothian pilot of the new Universal Credit system of benefits has been branded an `experiment in cruelty` by a local councillor.

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