Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tracking emotions for personalised learning

"The race is on to provide students with personalized learning experiences based on their individual emotions, cognitive processes, `mindsets,` and character and personality traits."

"Academic researchers, for example, are busy developing computerized tutoring systems that gather information on students' facial expressions, heart rate, posture, pupil dilation, and more. Those data are then analyzed for signs of student engagement, boredom, or confusion, leading a computer avatar to respond with encouragement, empathy, or maybe a helpful hint."

"`The idea is that emotions have a powerful influence on cognition,` said Sidney D'Mello, an assistant professor of computer science and psychology at the University of Notre Dame, in Indiana. `The increasing power and affordability of eye-tracking, speech-recognition, and other technologies have made it possible for researchers to investigate those connections more widely and deeply`, he said."

"`Ten years ago, there were things you could do in a lab that you couldn't do in the messiness of the real world,` D'Mello said. `Now, you can get a reasonable proxy of a student's heart rate from a webcam.`"

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