Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Google has been given confidential patient information

29 Apr 2016 at 23:58, Kieren McCarthy

"Google has been given access to huge swathes of confidential patient information in the UK, raising fears yet again over how NHS managers view and handle data under their control."

"In an agreement uncovered by the New Scientist, Google and its DeepMind artificial intelligence wing have been granted access to current and historic patient data at three London hospitals run by the Royal Free NHS Trust, covering 1.6 million individuals."

"That would include any chronic illness people may be suffering from and the circumstances over why they were admitted for example, if they have suffered a drug overdose. The agreement provides Google with access to data going back five years and is far more expansive than expected."

"Google and DeepMind previously said they were working with the NHS on a product called `Streams` that would `present timely information that helps nurses and doctors detect cases of acute kidney injury.`"

"The agreement however provides access to all patient data, covering issues far beyond just kidney functioning. Google reportedly claimed that since there is not a specific subset of information regarding kidneys, it needed access to everything."

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