Friday, 23 December 2016

Thousands queue for food parcels in Dublin city centre

"Last Christmas the centre gave out about 2,500 Christmas parcels."

"`But this year I think it will probably go over 3,000,` says Br Kevin. `It is shocking, but I am not surprised. What is really appalling to see is the number of children coming here, mothers with children`."

"The Government may say there’s a recovery, but there is no recovery for the poor."

"As we speak, several people queuing call over to Br Kevin, thanking him and wishing him a merry Christmas. Two members of the public approach with donations."

"Each person queuing has a ticket entitling them to two blue plastic bags of food one of non-perishables including tea, sugar, cereals, tinned fish, tinned beans, custard, chocolates and biscuits, and one of such perishables as milk, cheese, a chicken and butter."

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