Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Digital Economy Bill

And from BigBrotherWatch:

"PUBLIC SERVICE DELIVERY will change dramatically under Part 5 of the Digital Economy Bill. If the Bill becomes law the way government and public authorities will access, use and share personal information will fundamentally change. UK citizens will lose all control over any personal information they share with government. Control about how our data will be used will be given to a Government minister. Very little specific detail has been given about exactly what data will be shared, how it will be shared or what technical protections will be in place. Similar proposals were made in 2009. They were scrapped for being too intrusive and for removing control from the individual."

"Why will data be shared?"

"The Government have given three reasons for why your personal information will be shared:"

1. Fuel poverty

2. Troubled families programme

3. Re-tuning of television

"But personal information will also be shared for any `objective` the Government decide will improve the `well-being` of the individual or society, either now or in the future." [The original intention of the Named Person scheme.]

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