Sunday, 4 December 2016

Dystopian future or best place on the planet?

Sturgeon announced an independent review of the care system in October: "to look at the underpinning legislation, practices, culture and ethos of care which will be driven by those who have direct experience of it."

It was Duncan Dunlop, CEO, Who Cares? Scotland, who inspired the latest Scottish Government review. He believes that "Sturgeon is on to something and that she is both politically and emotionally invested in it."

"A pressure group has found their voice, and when a collective group finds their voice and realises that their rights are being impinged, they decide to do something about it," he said...

He bigs it up even more by saying: "This opportunity has never happened anywhere on this planet, as far as we know, where a group of care-experienced people say: ‘This is how we want to make things better.’"

Then he blows it:

"You have abuse survivors but this is a very different conversation."


Abuse survivors are very care-experienced people, Mr Dunlop. Leave them out of the equation and you will never get anything right. Hasn`t that been part of the problem all along?

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