Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Ten year action plan for social enterprises

"A new strategy to ensure Scotland’s social enterprises continue to thrive over the next decade has been revealed by the Scottish Government."

"The first ever dedicated, long-term, social enterprise strategy published, it includes a number of steps aimed at growing the sector over the next 10 years."

"Concentrated in three areas, the government will focus on stimulating social enterprises, developing stronger organisations and realising market opportunities..."

"Launching the strategy on Wednesday, communities and equalities secretary Angela Constance, said doing so would help Scottish social enterprises add to their £1.68 billion economic value."

"Action plans spanning the decade ahead will be created for each focus area, the first of which isn't due to be published until next year."

"In the meantime, to kickstart the strategy £140,000 is being made available to expand the Social Entrepreneurs Fund to help individuals who want to set up and run a social enterprise..."


Social Enterprise – A New Phenomenon in the Field of Economic and Social Welfare?

Leandro Sepulveda

"One key implication of this approach is that any non-profit or charity that gets involved in commercial activity can, in theory become a social enterprise and so could any for-profit private enterprise with social aims. In both cases, the definition corresponds to the social enterprise characterization as double bottom line organizations that strive to achieve social and financial outcomes. This characterization of social enterprises as double (or triple) bottom line organizations and the blending of the different institutional traditions and logics entailed have led to some scholars to recognize them as ‘hybrid organizations’ (Powell 1987)."

"There is considerable scope for the further marketization of the UK public sector, from health and social care to social work, housing, education, work integration, and so on, and the magnitude of the current economic crisis may well be used to justify such an agenda."

DOI: 10.1111/spol.12106

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