Tuesday, 13 December 2016

State traffficking: children regionalised

Brian Gerrish on today`s UK Column News: "Now I`d just like to bring in this... It`s part of a letter from Melanie Shaw and I`ve got to say what is happening to this lady is just utterly outrageous. I`ll read a little piece of this. She says: `It`s bad; there`s no evidence at court. I`ll go guilty to anything. I`m being charged in jail weekly for offences now and they are piling up as outside court charges. It`s insane. I don`t even leave my cell. I`m abused daily. It`s become normal. I`ve gone guilty and now should be sentenced on the eleventh.  I believe I`m being set up and will remain in jail for a decade  Britain`s equivalent to Nelson Mandela. It`s hard to be positive. I`ve no cash to spend on coffee or shampoo but sod it I`ll cope. I stand by my decision to whistleblow. Christmas in jail, just another day`."

"And then she says she hopes to meet the person who sent her the letter and of course many of Melanie`s letters are simply not reaching her and we will say once again why is this lady in prison? We`re not fully sure. Is she on remand?  Or has she actually been sentenced? We don`t know. She doesn`t know. And what we`re very sure of is the fact she`s in prison in order to silence her because of what she knows about the abuse and indeed death of children at Beechwood children`s home, Nottingham, and also the role of politicians."

"So we`ve got a little bit more to say on child abuse but if anybody wants to write to Melanie Shaw, details of the prison address are on UK Column website. Some letters are getting through. We suggest you do not send her money because there are indications this is disappearing into the hands of prison staff.  Stamps may get through; your letter may get through but it would seem it`s only going to be letters and Christmas cards that are going to keep Melanie in a good frame of mind over Christmas."

Moving on through the news: "A police officer had been sacked for a sexual assault. The police say well this didn`t occur on duty so we`re going to take disciplinary action. So to me it says criminal offence, but don`t worry police are going to protect their own. So this is what was said: `The allegations were of serious sexual assault of an adult female and were said to amount to abuse of authority, respect and courtesy; unlawful use of force; and discreditable conduct under the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012."

"And what`s happening? Well they`re determined that the identity of the officer should not be made public - in the interests of the complainant and the harm that would be caused by publicity to other family members - and the case concluded just a day before a national report revealed that more than 300 officers had been accused of abusing their positions of authority for sexual gain. That`s across the country. But no worries because there`s no serious problem with sexual crimes or abuse of children."


"The Norwegians though are taking a different view on things and this is a report from the Local, a Norwegian newspaper: Police break up massive Norwegian paedophile ring and the significant thing here is that a former Norwegian Labour Party politician is one of the people who`s actually been arrested as a part of these Operation Darkroom investigations."

"Well, happily David Cameron said there are no child abusers in British politics. It`s those nasty Norwegian people that get involved with this.  Melanie Shaw in prison, I think, because she and many others hold information which is very dangerous to the British government - because of course it says that Members of Parliament have been involved in the trafficking and abuse of children."


"Well should we be concerned as parents? I think we should. And thank you to another viewer for sending us this. A Department of Education document just released: Practice and Improvement Fund: Round 2. Improving outcomes in a regionalised adoption system."

"So here we are Mike. This is the European model now being forced through to do with children. But basically we`ve got such a huge problem with these children; we don`t know where they all are; we`re still missing 300 Syrian children as a minimum but the state is now going to introduce the regionalisation of the adoption system. And they boast: `It`s well underway. The first wave of regional adoption agencies will go `live` by mid-2017 and we`re in discussion with 19 projects covering 132 local authorities and 23 voluntary adoption agencies.` So they are inviting people to bid for projects and of course what we know is that people can make big money out of fostering and adoption of children."

Mike Robinson interjects: "So you have labelled this state trafficking; children regionalised. And this isn`t about taking care of children; they`re turning this into an industry."

"This is a well established industry and if any of our viewers or listeners like to go and have a look at the bigger charities - Action for Children is one in my mind - you`ll see vast amounts of money: hundreds of millions of pounds in circulation around the supposed care of very vulnerable children."

"Now this is a little bit of the text inside that document and it says: `We are interested in proposals which will bring together partners to provide a coordinated assessment and support offer and/or explore the regional delivery of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).` (More money here; but the government doesn`t have any money.) `We are particularly interested in projects under these themes that will demonstrate a continued commitment to engaging users in the development and testing of support services. What type of projects are we interested in? Through PIF round 2 we would like to support the development of adoption support `Centres of Excellence` which bring together relevant partners including social care, health and/or education partners.`"

"So you see once again all the authorities being joined together in a hive type system where the moment of course a family is being engaged by one authority they can`t escape this Stasi-like net. This is very very dangerous stuff and whilst they`re boasting about Centres of Excellence of course we have across the country many many child abuse whistleblowers and we have no movement on the Inquiry into Child Abuse by the British government. Why? Because the government is desperate to protect its own members who have been involved in paedophilia and child abuse."

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