Friday, 2 December 2016

Teacher training needs reformed

Daisy Christodoulou says: "My central argument is that much of what teachers are taught about education is wrong, and that they are encouraged to teach in ineffective ways. After I had been teaching for three years, I took a year out to do further study. I was shocked to stumble across an entire field of educational and scientific research which completely disproved so many of the theories I had been taught when training and teaching. "

"I was not just shocked; I was angry. I felt as though I had been misled. I had been working furiously for three years, teaching hundreds of lessons, and much information that would have made my life a whole lot easier and would have helped my pupils immeasurably had just never been introduced to me. Worse, ideas that had absolutely no evidence backing them up had been presented to me as unquestionable axioms..."

"We need to reform teacher training programmes in both the United Kingdom and the United States so that they stop promoting completely discredited ideas and give more space to theories with much greater scientific backing."

In her blog Daisy Christodoulou gives a summary of the seven myths about education and promotes instead a knowledge rich  curriculum. (see below)

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