Friday, 2 December 2016

An update about the Glasgow meeting

When David Scott is asked on Friday`s UK Column how the Glasgow meeting had gone, he tells the audience that there was a packed hall again: "About 70 - 75 people were there, standing room only..." There were three speakers, one of whom was Robert Green who came up from Warrington... "He rather wowed the audience I would have to say and they were all delighted to see him looking so well and speaking so ... bravely. It was a good night."

"There was quite a lot of discussion in the chat box yesterday about Robert`s impending visit from the bailiffs," says Mike Robinson.  "Can you give us an update on that?"

"Well they haven`t been yet. There`s a lot of strange unknown elements to this, one of the oddest is: who`s actually pursuing him? When the bailiffs are asked - they`re receiving instructions from the Scottish government. Now remember this is a private civil case; but the bailiffs have been instructed directly by the Scottish government. So this is a political prosecution. This is using the civil law to hound political opponents."

"When... the Scottish government legal directorate [was asked] who they were being instructed by, they said the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. An organisation which has no part in civil legal proceedings are apparently instructing the civil legal proceedings. And then when ... the Crown Office [was asked the same question] the lawyer for the Scottish government got extremely nervous and refused to answer the question.  So we don`t really know who`s doing it... We don`t really know what will be done or when it will be done. So much of it is in secret. They went to the High Court and got an order against Robert -  Robert never knew anything about it - he had no opportunity to defend his position..."

Brian Gerrish joins the conversation: "David correct me if I`ve got this wrong but I understood from Robert yesterday that he had challenged the bailiff company on what was actually going on and they had said to him well actually this action is coming from Elish Angiolini but it`s being fronted by the Crown Office of Scotland... If true, this is a very interesting situation because, of course, Robert has the letter from the Crown Office where they say they have no power to act or intervene in civil cases. So if you put these little pieces of jigsaw together it would appear that Elish Angiolini is able to use - what - friends that she`s still got within the Crown Office?"

David Scott then explains that Robert Green had defended himself successfully against previous attempts by Elish Angiolini using two different sets of lawyers.

Begins about.11.40 minutes

There was no mention of the Docherty family. I hope that means that the authorities, who must be aware that many eyes are watching them, are allowing the parents to have contact with the children but have instructed them to keep a low profile, or else.

That is not an ideal situation but what parents would not capitulate and stop fighting in these circumstances?

Otherwise I dread to think that mental health services have got involved. That was always the threat.

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