Friday, 30 December 2016

Clamping down on `fake news` ?

"Germany is considering imposing a legal regime that would allow fining social networks such as Facebook up to 500,000 euros ($522,000)."

"In a move that will most certainly lead the way to other EU vassal states adopting similar measures, Angela Merkel is considering imposing a 500,000 euros ($522,000) fine on Facebook, and other social media platforms, for each day they leave a `fake news` story up without deleting it."

"The German government will consider the bill in the new year. The initiative has bipartisan support, allowing both official and private complainants to flag content that is considered `fake news`."

"The law forces social networks to create in-country offices focused on responding to takedown demands, and makes social networks legally responsible for compensation, if a post by individual users were found to slander someone…and we are confident that no private individuals will abuse such laws for financial gain."

"With George Soros financing the `third-party fact checking` organisation retained to flag, and censor `fake news` on Facebook, we are positive that any publication not of the neo-liberal, globalist kind, will be properly removed from social media platforms, so as to avoid Merkel’s book burning fine."

The Guardian was caught disseminating `fake news.`

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