Monday, 14 November 2016

Update on the Docherty appeal

From Brian Gerrish (UK Column 14 November 2016))

"Just a brief update on the Dochertys. I`m going to say thank you very much for your support. We`ve still got donations for Brian and Janice coming in."

"We`ve had a number of events happening over the weekend that have been quite difficult to handle. I`ll just say to people please remember that at the moment Brian and Janice are effectively isolated in what is a very hostile environment in Ireland and we have to go at the speed we can with the communications that we have and sometimes those communications can be very intermittent. So we`re waiting for an update ourselves at the moment.

As soon as we get that update we will of course pass it on to all of you who have been clearly very concerned about what is happening to this couple.

But what I will say as a final comment is that the sheer viciousness... turned against them from both the Scottish state and also in Ireland is clearly another indicator that whatever they touched upon in Scotland.... literally turned into a nightmare. So we`ve got to say, based on this, let alone all the other evidence, the respective states in London, Scotland and Ireland are terrified of this couple and the fact that they`ve dared to speak out.

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  1. Thanks for the update Brian, without UK Column news we would be blind to the scale of abuse.