Sunday, 6 November 2016

Project based learning has no positive impact

"Schools have been warned against using project-based learning, because major new research has found that the approach could leave disadvantaged pupils behind."

"A government-funded study has shown that project-based learning has a `significant negative impact` on the literacy of secondary pupils entitled to free school meals. The 20-month trial found that FSM pupils in project-based classes made three months’ less progress in literacy than their counterparts in traditional, subject-based lessons."

"In addition, the method had no clear positive impact on the literacy levels or general engagement of the rest of the pupils, according to the research."

"Louise Thomas, head of education at the Innovation Unit, developed the programme studied by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). `We certainly wouldn’t recommend that a school that needs to improve reading scores quickly should implement project-based learning,` she said."

"It’s not a way for schools facing challenging circumstances to improve their reading scores."

"The government-funded EEF, which commissioned the research, also said that schools should seriously question whether it was worth adopting this style of teaching."

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