Monday, 21 November 2016

Lawyers fall out over child abuse inquiry

"Letters sent to MPs by lawyers who resigned from the Inquiry may be published tomorrow." [or they may not] 
"The father of the woman who has made ... allegation of sexual assault against Mr Emmerson has spoken out this morning about the incident. Whilst he understandably defends his daughter, he also goes on to say that the incident has alarmed other female staff at the Inquiry and was the reason that Aileen McColgan, a law professor who was leading the investigation into Anglican and Catholic Church abuse, resigned last week.

Hard nosed lawyers, charged with finding out what has gone on in children`s institutions are such wilting flowers that they collapse at the thought of a nudge or shove in a lift - and resign en masse.

After raking in a load of money from the public purse?


"The Independent has finally put the truth out", says Brian Gerrish. He points to the article: Theresa May accused of cover-up over child abuse inquiry concerns.

He also refers to the BBC interview with a former Chief whip, Tim Fortescue. who shamelessly told a BBC interviewer that the Conservative party had a black book. Anybody in trouble with `small boys` for example,  could come forward and the party would help. Why? Because forever after that MP would do as they wished.

Then, as if that was not bad enough, Gerrish says, that after their very successful Winchester conference on Saturday he was telephoned and asked: "Are you aware of this one?"


"Now this is part of the Sunday Telegraph and the article we are looking at there is: Chief whip`s web-based way of intimidating unruly MPs - and what is this all about?"

"Well it`s about a gentleman called Gavin Williamson who`s now the senior whip for Theresa May. He`s only been in parliament for six years.  He comes in; fresh faced; he`s now a whip. I wonder if he`s using a little bit of pressure to make sure MPs do as they`re told. [Because] he keeps a tarantula on his desk in a glass cage."

Mike Robinson says: "This has got to be seen as a threat."

"It`s a threat but it`s perverse isn`t it?. "

"So we called Gavin Williamson`s office this morning and we asked for some comment on this. We also asked for a copy of his Terms of Reference as a whip because we are interested to see if in the Terms of Reference, which he has presumably had from Theresa May, there are instructions as to how to pressurise and bully MPs. To do what? Cover up the child abuse inquiry maybe?"

"Well if you would like to follow through on this young gentleman, here he is. This is Conservative Home talking about their own; and, er, and,  they`re calling him a baby faced assassin. So this is a deep look into conservative politics. So this young man with very strange eyes comes out of nowhere, talks about gods castrating their fathers and eating children and this is the man who is being put in control of MPs..."

"There`s something particularly nasty about him. "

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