Monday 28 November 2016

Child abuse survivor and whistleblower tortured in UK prison


From UK Column:

"Melanie Shaw has now spent seven months in solitary confinement in Foston Hall prison in Derby."

"The UN called solitary confinement torture; so this is torture by the British state. At the moment Melanie is still unsure what her crime is - she simply does not know what she`s charged with - she does not know why she`s spent this length of time in prison. We have rumours that there was to be a bail application at the end of this month but it appears... that there is no real substance to it."

"So this is the reality of Britain..." (22  minutes)

These are the parliamentary representatives who have already failed Melanie. In particular pay attention to Chris Leslie who vowed to support Melanie and appeared in a photograph with her and then disengaged with her after the election.

"Three Nottingham MPs, Vernon Coaker, Lilian Greenwood and Chris Leslie have so far failed to respond to UK Column enquires as to their action to help Beechwood victims and protect other children from abuse."

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