Sunday, 13 November 2016

Robots in class: a threat to teachers ?

"Numerous types of robots are being incorporated in education. They range from simple `microprocessor on wheels` robots (boebot), to advanced toolkits, (mindstorms) to humanoids (robots that resemble humans)."

"The choice of the robot is usually dictated by the area of study and the age group of the student."

"Smaller robots or toolkits are particularly used to teach robotics or computer science. These toolkits can be physically manipulated allowing students to learn a variety of disciplines across engineering. However, the human-like shape of humanoids makes them easier to interact with, and for this reason are often used for language lessons."

"Humanoids have the ability to provide real-time feedback, and their physical shape increases engagement. This often leads to a personal connection with the student, which research shows can help resolve issues related to shyness, reluctance, confidence and frustration that may arise in dealing with a human teacher. For example, a robot will not get tired no matter how many mistakes a child makes."

"Humanoid robots are being widely utilised in classrooms in many countries including, Japan and South Korea."

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