Friday, 11 November 2016

Gender identity lessons

Here`s how to create problems where none existed:

"NICOLA Sturgeon's government and the EU is paying for children age two and up to be given lessons on sexuality and whether they want to identify as being boys, girls or gender neutral."

"And they are paying for the roll out of a programme which allows a 'research artist' who works with children from two up as well as policy makers to encourage infants to talk about sex."

"The shocking project, funded by the Scottish Government and the EU, throws the spotlight on the SNP's questionable education record after they were heavily criticised for attainment in schools."

"Horrifyingly the ‘Gendersaurus Rex’ concept - which is promoted and paid for by the taxpayer through the Imaginate Creative Project - asks: "How do we talk about queerness outside of sexuality?"
"How do we talk about sexuality and children in the same breath without being accused of summoning the spectre of paedophilia?"
Well you can`t.

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