Friday, 4 November 2016

Invitation to write to Mr Bob Neill MP

Yesterday Brian Gerrish informed UK Column viewers that Melanie Shaw, the whistleblower for child abuse in Beechwood home in Nottingham, is still in prison.

"She is weeks into prison. She badly needs our help and support because essentially now she`s a political prisoner. Still in prison to make sure her evidence can`t actually damage MPs who are being named by various witnesses in relation to child abuse. So the government doesn`t want to talk about this. Now we`ve go Keith Vaz, selected for the Justice committee. This would be a committee that should be working to make a judgement on what is happening to Melanie Shaw. I`m going to say I received a letter from Melanie - this is one of two letters I personally received from her over about 24 weeks and Melanie has been saying that her mail has been interfered with and withheld."

"I`ll read this. This is part of a letter:"
"I feel I cannot take my foot off the pedal, so to say, on such a sensitive issue as lives are at stake here, innocent children`s lives, despite my own circumstance, which are abysmal as I`m held in segregation still. Justice, care and the prevention of child abuse remain my main concern."
"Love and blessings to you and your small army of helpers. Thank everyone for their love and support please as it gets me through my ordeal."
"So here is this immensely brave woman who spoke out about the abuse of children in Beechwood children`s home Nottingham. She discovers that Nottinghamshire constabulary were lying in their conduct of operation Daybreak. They said they were investigating her evidence. It was proven that that was absolutely not the case and when Melanie flagged this up, very quickly she`s being harassed by Nottinghamshire police. She`s eventually put in prison on an arson charge. She`s released, she`s bullied, harassed. She`s lost her son, she`s lost her house and now the British state under the hand of Theresa May, home secretary, puts her back in prison where we do not even know whether she`s been charged or sentenced or is on remand and that is the case for Melanie herself. No idea why she`s in prison but she`s still kept in solitary confinement."

And of course according to the UN and our very own Guardian solitary confinement is torture...See Solitary confinement isn`t punishment. It`s torture.

"What can we do? Well have a look at this man. You can go on to the parliamentary site and have a look but we`ve got Bob Neill chair of the Justice Select Committee - so he`s going to be boss for Keith Vaz presumably Mike. And he says that Select committees are one of the ways that `we as MPs hold Government to account` ... Don`t believe a word of that but I think we can do something through this. `We look into the workings of the ministry of Justice and the various agencies that are accountable to that... the Attorney General who`s the Government`s chief legal advisor and also oversees the work of the Crown Prosecution Services ... We are taking evidence from people who want to give us their experience, their view... you can suggest topics ... where the system hasn`t worked... we send out a call for evidence... the public can contribute... some will be invited before the committee... issue report submitted to government.... can be debated on the floor of house`..."

"I felt this morning that perhaps our viewers might like to take on Mr Bob Neill MP. You might like to present the case of Melanie Shaw or indeed any other child abuse cases to this man and let`s put the ... committee now including Keith Vaz on the spot because I think in Keith Vaz`s professional career he was the legal officer for one of the London inner city boroughs where child abuse was taking place. So he would surely have a deep interest in exposing what was actually happening then and there."

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