Thursday, 10 November 2016

Nothing without work

Figures published by Trussell Trust ... revealed that more than 500,000 food parcels had been given to families in crises during the first six months of 2016, including over 188,500 children.
Welfare Weekly 9 November 2016.

More than one in five (220,000) of Scotland’s children are officially recognised as living in poverty.

Do not worry. The Scottish Government has a wonderful plan to turn the situation around in Scotland. In the first place they have built health and wellbeing into the heart of the Scottish education system as a right for every child. That includes a curriculum that allows time to be spent on invasive questionnaires about the children`s private and family lives. Never mind, these children are also promised that the sensitive and personal data they provide will be kept safe and used only to build them better services.

After all, you can always trust the Government.

Though important services for disabled children are disappearing the Scottish Government is committed to stamping out intergenerational poverty and disadvantage by investing in early intervention and GIRFEC for every child.

What better services?

And why does the Scottish Government ignore the bigger factors causing economic disadvantage?

Brexit and Trump was no surprise to some of us.


"Alienation is the precise and correctly applied word for describing the major social problem in Britain today. People feel alienated by society. In some intellectual circles it is treated almost as a new phenomenon. It has, however, been with us for years. What I believe is true is that today it is more widespread, more pervasive than ever before. Let me right at the outset define what I mean by alienation. It is the cry of men who feel themselves the victims of blind economic forces beyond their control. It`s the frustration of ordinary people excluded from the processes of decision-making. The feeling of despair and hopelessness that pervades people who feel with justification that they have no real say in shaping or determining their own destinies."

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