Friday, 4 November 2016

Paedophilia and the corruption of the state

Brian Gerrish talks about child abuse and state corruption on Freedom Talk Radio. [June 2016]

Summary of evidence that the whole state structure is malevolent and not to be trusted.

  •   Sheer number of children being taken into care.

  • The number of child abuse reports.

  • The huge sums of money involved when a child is taken into the system: lawyers, court experts, social workers, adoption agencies, foster carers etc

  • Government uses paedophilia to blackmail politicians so they do what they want. The evidence was produced by the BBC. Tim Fortescue admitted as much. [See Youtube video ]

  • Attack on survivors and whistleblowers, whatever their status.

  • Repeated state denial and cover-up that anything is wrong.

  • Interference or shelving of police child abuse investigations.

  • Failure to keep child abuse records for those in care.

  • Sealing of care home records for 75 to 80 years.

  • Protection of establishment figures accused of child abuse.

"Once the Named Person is in, you haven`t got a chance because the child is no longer yours."

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