Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Robert Green threatened with bailiffs

In the event of violent entry into his home and seizure of his property, Robert Green called on the assistance of Cheshire Constabulary and quoted Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977.
The main body of the letter explains:

  • The Court of Session in the legal jurisdiction of Scotland found in favour of Dame Elish Angiolini in her suit against me for defamation.

  • No damages were awarded but the court decided to undergo a diet of taxation to allocate Dame Elish Angiolini`s expenses to me.

  • As it has been established that Dame Elish Angiolini`s expenses were in fact paid for by the UK taxpayer via a secret fund operated with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal`s Service, I served notice via the Court of Session Auditor requiring evidence the Dame Elish had, or would, suffer any financial loss.

  • Dame Elish either would not, or could not, provide any such evidence.

  • I gave ample time... absent which Dame Elish would be abandoning any claim against me.

  • This notice period expired on 24th December 2014. And with it expired any liability I might have to Dame Elish Angiolini.

That letter was drafted a year ago and things have moved on.

Coverage begins at 44.50 minutes:
"Robert Green has received a communication that shows he`s still being pursued by the Scottish state. This time they`re chasing supposed court expenses -  court case run by the Scottish government while trying to make out that a private individual was responsible. But they are now threatening to send bailiffs to his Chester home."

"So if anybody can be available to help support Robert, please let [UK Column] know and [they will] give further contact details."

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