Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The 21st century tooth fairy

"The American company BioEden will cryogenically store the cells in return for a monthly fee."

"Relatively few stem cell therapies are currently in use but hundreds more are being researched."

"The company - and its customers - are pinning their hopes on the promise of regenerative medicine. "

"That aims not just to halt the attack of a disease but repair the damage it has done. Scotland is already a major centre for research in the field..."

"Tony Veverka, BioEden's group chief executive, said the company is pitching its product squarely at the parents and grandparents of children aged between five and 12, when stem cells are vigorous and teeth get wobbly."

"We harvest the stem cells from teeth - the young teeth of children," he explained.

"So BioEden are effectively the 21st century tooth fairy."

But this tooth fairy doesn`t leave a coin under the pillow.
The tooth collection kit costs £45; then it`s a monthly fee.

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