Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The disgraced Wiltshire constabulary

From Voice for Children:

"On November 10 2008 Jersey`s Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, was (possibly illegally) suspended from duty by the then Home Affairs Minister... discredited and disgraced Andrew Lewis. "

"He was suspended under very dubious circumstances where the official version of events that led to his suspension did not, does not, stand up to scrutiny so he had to be suspended again with an official line that (for the Establishment) would look a little more credible to the gullible public. "

"The former Chief of Police, it should be mentioned, was (illegally?) suspended from duty during the biggest Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) this island has ever seen, or is likely to see. "

"A matter of weeks after (illegally?) suspending the Chief Officer, Andrew Lewis stepped away from political life and didn’t stand for re-election until 2014 where he was re-elected as a Deputy in St Helier District 3/4. The equally disgraced (former Magistrate) Ian Le Marquand was elected as Senator and took over the role as Home Affairs Minister where he too dubiously suspended Mr. Power with a story that was little more credible than that of Andrew Lewis' but did not, does not, stand up to scrutiny either. "

"The now (or then) Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand claimed he was going to bring Chief Officer Power to a disciplinary hearing and employed (at huge expense) an outside police force to gather the evidence against Mr. Power. That UK Police Force was The Wiltshire Constabulary. "

"Wiltshire’s alleged "investigation" (Operation Haven 1) subsequently went on to miss just about every deadline it was set, went way over budget, and didn’t bring a single disciplinary charge against Mr. Power. But that didn’t matter, its job was done. Wiltshire were able to give the Home Affairs Minister some unproven, untested allegations against Mr. Power (the prosecution case) to which Mr. Le Marquand duly (possibly illegally) published, with the help of the State Media. Neither he, nor the local State Media, who are all in possession of Mr. Power's defence case, to this day, have published/broadcast a single word of it."

"The day disgraced former Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand, published parts of the prosecution case against Mr Power was a day that set a very dangerous precedent. He has some very serious questions to answer including those asked by Jersey`s former Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer of the Child Abuse investigation (Operation Rectangle) Lenny Harper..."

"Wiltshire Constabulary were very `helpful` to the Jersey Authorities by dragging out their investigation for so long that it would be impossible to test their evidence against Mr Power`s."

"But what we didn`t know (because Wiltshire kept it quiet) was that they look to have covered up claims of abuse made against former Prime Minister Ted Heath, who was a regular visitor to Jersey. The disgraced Wiltshire Constabulary, who stand accused of complicity in the Jersey Child Abuse cover-up are, or have been, under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission for a number of alleged `offences` due to its handling, (or lack of) abuse claims and the Ted Heath claims."

"Brian Moore Senior Investigating Officer (Operation Haven 1) was then seconded, from Wilts, to become interim head of the UK Border Agency, with the apparent intention of taking up the full time post. He then stepped down in disgrace from the UKBA. "

"Regular readers of this blog will remember best-selling author and journalist Leah McGrath Goodman was banned from the UK and Jersey after it became apparent she was investigating the child abuse, and possible murder at Haut de la Garenne. She was detained at Heathrow Airport on 11 September 2011, where she was held in a cell for 12 hours, not allowed to contact ANYBODY in that time, it was eight hours before she was even asked a question. Terrorists/criminals do not get treated so appallingly, and who was at that time the Interim Head at the UKBA (a month before he stood down)? None other than Brian Moore former Chief of Wilts police and Senior Investigating Officer Operation Haven1.

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