Saturday, 19 September 2015

How competent are 'expert' witnesses ?

"Prof Ireland and her team were given unprecedented access to psychologists' expert witness reports from three undisclosed courts across England by the FJC, an arm's length body of the Ministry of Justice. "

"Experts play a critical role in family court cases: research suggests that at least one expert is used in 90 per cent of public law children's proceedings and many cases involve three or more experts."

"I think the results from the research are enough to suggest that we do need an urgent review across the range of expert witnesses that the courts are employing."
Prof Jane Ireland, University of Central Lancashire

"Channel 4 News spoke to families across the country involved in court proceedings and heard time and again concerns about the experts used by the courts to determine whether children are at risk and should be removed from their birth parents. "

Maggie Tuttle blogs about the poor psychological assessments used for family courts. See link below.

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