Saturday, 5 September 2015

Prevent training for teachers

"Police have told teachers that they should consider environmental activists and anti-fracking protesters as potential extremists under the government’s Prevent counter-terrorism strategy, TES has learned."

"More than 100 teachers from several schools were given the advice during a Prevent training session in West Yorkshire, where they were also warned by a police officer about extreme anti-capitalist groups."

"One teacher said the officer went on to refer to the behaviour of Green Party MP Caroline Lucas who was arrested for her part in blocking a road at an anti-fracking demonstration in 2013 as an example of extremism."

"Teaching unions have condemned the advice. Ms Lucas has told TES that she is "shocked" and is planning to write to the police to complain."

"Equating peaceful political demonstrations with violent extremism is both offensive and deeply misguided," the MP said. "It’s this kind of thinking that has led police in this country to waste vast amounts of taxpayers’ money in infiltrating environmental groups."..

"Amanda Brown, assistant general secretary of the NUT teaching union, said: "I’m quite alarmed that a police officer, who people would trust and think is offering the right advice, would say that it might be considered as extremism that someone is expressing their right, in a democracy, to express a view."

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