Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Achieving excellence

The National Parent Forum of Scotland’s annual conference is being held on Saturday 14th November at the University of Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre in central Glasgow.
The theme of the conference will be attainment and achievement from a parental perspective.
When they talk about achievement they do not mean the work that goes on in the classroom necessarily: From Recognising Achievement we are informed that there is a wide range of partners who can provide opportunities for children and young people to achieve, including:

Skills Development Scotland
Community learning and development
Youth Work
The Voluntary Sector

So what this is about is work/citizenship/community type skills development.

We are told that all those who provide and support this learning should have the opportunity to contribute to reporting on the learner’s progress and achievements.

In addition, health and wellbeing experiences and outcomes which are specifically designed to help children and young people make informed decisions will provide a useful focus for conversations about learning and planning next steps.

And very personal that will be too. The whole point of the exercise is that children will build their own profiles of achievement.
Approaches to recognising achievement, profiling and reporting should be manageable for all involved – children and young people, parents, teachers and other staff, partners and others who use this information.
Who the others are who might use this information is unclear. 
Recognising achievement and profiling are consistent with the overall GIRFEC approach. 

No surprise there.
In particular the development of the child’s or young person’s plan using the wellbeing indicators and My World Triangle can be informed by the discussions and reflection which underpin recognition of achievement and profiling.

It`s bureaucracy gone mad. Who would be a child these days ? 
There are a number of electronic systems available, for example e-portfolios and electronic Management Information Systems (MIS), which can support the processes...Learners are able to forward the e-portfolio link to potential employers and other learning providers.

In other words, school is about building a CV from an early age, useful for future employers who will have had an input into the curriculum to engineer the student characteristics they are looking for, but stultifying for children who will grow up to be defined by their profiles.

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