Saturday, 12 September 2015

Named Person watchdog is powerless

"The watchdog overseeing state guardians will be powerless to force councils to respond to parents` concerns."

"New Scottish Government guidance has revealed the many hoops families will be forced to jump through to complain about state intrusion."

"They must go to the local council, health board or `named person service` first, and if they are unsatisfied with the response, appeal to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO)."

"But even if the SPSO agrees with them, it can only make recommendations to organisations overseeing the state guardians, which they are free to ignore."

"If the SPSO is not satisfied, it can refer its recommendations to Holyrood."

"It is a further blow to opponents of the scheme, who failed to overturn the legislation at the Court of Session and are planning an appeal to the Supreme Court. A spokesman for the No To Named Person (NO2NP) campaign said: `There will be gross breaches of privacy under the named person scheme.`"

"`But the complaints procedure for parents is to be made as easy as crawling over broken glass.`"

"`And even if at the final stage the ombudsman does uphold a parental complaint, the state guardians will be free to ignore it. This is an outrage.`"


Then it`s on to the Ombudsman

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