Friday, 4 September 2015

`Creative and ambitious` - what about Scotland`s water ?

We are losing control of our children through the Named Person policy and we are also losing important resources that are essential for life. All of that falls in line with the United Nations Agenda 21.

I see Mel Kelly has been having a rant on the Glasgow Herald site about the loss of sovereignty of Scottish Water.

"Why give Nicola more power - she just transfers it back to David Cameron"

"- e.g. behind our back during the Referendum nicola and Alex entered into a water shocker deal with David Cameron - Nicola personally transferred devolved powers BACK to westminster over Scotland's water in October 2013 - during the referendum - in what she said was a 'joint objective' to allow David Cameron to include Scotland's water in HIS NEW UK WIDE PRIVATE WATER MARKET -"

"he asked the SNP government to transfer devolved power back to allow him to include Scotland's water in HIS WESTMINSTER WATER ACT (2014) to create a UK Wide Private Water Market - to allow frackers and companies like Tesco to pay just one water company for all the water and sewerage services they use across the whole of the UK (including all they use in Scotland) -"

"so Tesco can pay Thames water 1 bill for the services Scottish Water provides - - Nicola personally lodged the paperwork and transferred the devolved power BACK in October 2013 (behind Scotland's people's back)"

"- the SNP did their deal with the Tories during the referendum and the UK wide private water market was created in this 'joint objective' with the Coalition Tory led government (Nicola's words) on 14th May 2014 - weeks before the referendum -"

"now if the SNP really wanted independence from the UK why would they create a UK wide private water market that includes Scotland's water just weeks before the referendum -"

"Scottish Water say in the revenues index of their 2015/21 plan - as a result of the SNP/Tory new UK Wide Private Water market - all Scotland's household water bills will have to increase to make up for the incalculable losses Scottish Water will face as a result -"

"Here is the LCM Nicola personally lodged which was given to Westminster in October 2013 - look at clause 9. - http://www.scottish.

"Here is the Explanatory notes for David Cameron's water act (2014) look at Note 7 page 2 -

"Look at page 179 Scottish Water 2015/21 plan index - revenue section - our household water bills will have to increase -

"Here is the list of English Water companies who rushed into Scotland when they knew the SNP and the Tories were about to do the deal - look at the dates of the applications - none for years - then since 2012 they all rushed in in preparation for this deal -

"SNP changed our water laws 2013 to stop Scottish industry using water unless SNP say so - but frackers, coal bed methane and underground coal gasification exempt - as a result by 2014 - the wettest year since records began 104 years ago - our Whisky industry, our farmers and golf courses and baxters soup were publicly lambasted by the SNP for daring to use more water than the party decided should be allowed (depsite it being the wettest year on record) - while Donald Trump failed to supply the figures at all - so the rich and the frackers and English Water companies according to the new SNP law - can have as much water as they want - but the Scottish economy and Whisky Industry and Barrs Irn Bru cannot - I'd say we've been fracked -

"Oh and the worst is still to be told - because the SNP deal with Cameron states the English water companies can not only demand Scotland's retail water revenues flow into their coffers but Scottish Water must face 'competition' at wholesale level too - so all the revenues for Scotland's water retail and wholesale can transfer into private english water companies coffers -"

"Cameron also relaxed competition and merger laws for water companies - the plan is to Bankrupt Scottish Water - why privatise it and risk the public protests when like English hospitals you can bankrupt it by stealth -"

"Here is the Link to UCAB - which states - the private water companies can make as 'whatever profits they wish' - as long as the bills are clear - this new Uk wide private water market will be totally unregulated - and this new body would like to apply the same principal to gas and electricity -
-ucab/ "

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