Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Grieving son did not attend school often enough

"A MOTHER is facing jail because she could not make her grieving youngest son attend school often enough after the death of his father. "

"Tracey Fidler, a mother of five, campaigned for stiffer sentences for drink-driving after her fiancé Kris Jarvis, 39, was hit by a car travelling at 70mph while he was cycling in Purley on Thames, Berkshire, in February last year. "

"The driver, Alexander Walter, who was over the drink limit, was sentenced to 10 years and three months in prison. "

"Now Fidler is being prosecuted by Reading borough council also the authority for which Jarvis had worked. "

"After the crash my youngest child, Adam, was in bits," she said yesterday.

"He didn’t want to leave me because he thought if he did I wouldn’t be there when he came back."

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