Sunday, 13 September 2015

Social workers removed baby using fabricated evidence

"THE mother of a child who was taken by social workers just hours after being born has accused the council staff of doing it because they disliked her. "

"Social workers took the little boy away last year because of fears for his safety. A child protection order was granted at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court."

"But the order was overturned at a later hearing by Sheriff McFarlane, who was clearly shocked at the evidence she had heard in the case..."

She said: "Mrs Ferrier’s evidence was confused and confusing and, in some parts, plainly wrong."

"It is alarming to me that the social work department have progressed matters against (the mother) on the basis of unsubstantiated and, frankly, incorrect information."

"Sheriff McFarlane said she was "extremely concerned" about the answers Ferrier gave the court when asked if there had been plans to take the baby away permanently. She said: "She was asked if there were plans for permanence of the child and she answered categorically no."

"She was then shown an entry from records with her initials beside it stating ‘to be recommended for permanency’."

"At that point, I had to warn her she was on oath, given that this was a clear contradiction. Her response to that contradiction was confused and confusing."

"I formed the clear impression that Mrs Ferrier had disliked (the mother) from the outset and had not taken the necessary steps to fully investigate previous allegations about her."

"Information presented was at best mistaken and at worst complete fabrication."

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