Friday, 4 September 2015

Court rules policy is in best interests of children

"Commenting on the Court’s ruling of the named person judicial review appeal, which upheld the Lord Ordinary’s decision that the legislation did not contravene ECHR rights or EU law, Children’s Minister Aileen Campbell said:"

"We welcome this decision by three judges, led by the Lord Justice Clerk, which again upholds the ruling that the named person service does not contravene ECHR rights or EU law. As the ruling states, this policy was informed by experts in child welfare, health and education with the intention of putting the best interests of the child at the heart of decision making..."

"Today’s decision confirms our aim of the legislation is to promote, support and safe-guard child wellbeing. This now means we can get on with the work of preparing to implement all aspects of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act and we will continue to consult with a wide range of stakeholders, including parents."

Here`s a list of some of the stakeholders (charities) and note that many of them are involved in child care and the adoption and fostering industry. That makes them `experts.`

Parenting Across Scotland

Action for Children


Barnardo’s Scotland

Scottish Youth Parliament

Children 1st

Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights)

One Parent Families Scotland

Scottish Childminding Association


Royal College of Nursing


It is interesting that as well as charities which have already been consulted and have supported the Named Person policy, parents will also be included in consultations, but when ?

So far a fair debate with parents about the Named Person policy has been avoided by government ministers.

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