Saturday, 12 September 2015

Child protection faces privatisation

"CHILD protection services are facing privatisation under David Cameron’s plans to `reform` public services and `streamline` government."

"Speaking in Leeds yesterday, the Prime Minister claimed children’s services were an example of `state failure` that demanded `more ambitious reform.`"

"And, in a move that mirrors Tory schools policy, he threatened to strip local authorities of responsibility for social services and hand them over to not-for-profit trusts."

"Mr Cameron said it was part of his vision for a `smarter state,` where the government would `spend less and deliver more.`"

" `It’s not unlike business,` he said. `Businesses are constantly adapting and changing, using new technology or new methods of delivery to improve both their products and reduce their costs.` "

" `I’m not suggesting we should run government exactly like a business. I just mean that if we use their insights, we can help develop a smarter state.` "

"Campaign for Public Ownership director Neil Clark said the prospect of `wholescale outsourcing and privatisation` lurked behind the Prime Minister’s reform rhetoric."

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