Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Dudley council guilty of maladministration

"A council has been criticised for the "injustice" it caused to a family after it failed to interview children who made allegations of abuse against a foster carer."

"The Local Government Ombudsman said Dudley council was guilty of "maladministration", in its report published last week, after the council did not interview an adoptive mother or her two children, who accused their previous foster carer of physically abusing them."

"The carer was alleged to have smacked the children, made one wear a nappy meant for a disabled child, and had given them cold baths. The children were four and five-years-old when they were adopted by the mother, known as Miss B."

"The mother also complained to the council that personal items of the girls didn’t travel with them, and the council "did not deal with this effectively for eight months after promising Miss B to recover the children’s belongings", the Ombudsman said."

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