Friday, 4 September 2015

Teenager criminalised for sexting

"A teenage boy has had a crime of making and distributing indecent images recorded against him after he sent a naked picture of himself to one of his female classmates. The 14-year-old was not formally arrested after he sent the explicit image to girl of the same age via Snapchat."

"The police file against the boy will now remain active for 10 years, meaning any future employer conducting an advanced Criminal Records Bureau check will be aware of the incident."

"The boy, who has not be identified, told the BBC he sent the image to the girl in his bedroom on Snapchat, a mobile app which deletes sent images after a few seconds, as a form of flirting or "sexting".

"However, the girl made a screengrab of the image on her phone and forwarded it to her classmates at the school in the north of England. The boy said he has been left "embarrassed" by the incident and spends his lunchtimes in the library to avoid being teased by the pupils who have seen the image."

"He told BBC Radio 4's today programme: "I shouldn't have done it. It's just annoying really, something that I did when I was 14 could reflect badly in future."

"His mother added she was surprised that police recorded the incident. She said: "I think at best he was naive and at worst he was just a teenager..."

"However, it is not clear whether a police file was recorded for the girl who saved and shared the image. Under new legislation, if she had been over 18, the girl could have been convicted under the so called "revenge porn" law.

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