Friday, 23 June 2017

Witness did not see many escape the building

"When I first came out I was doing what my neighbours were doing which was trying to alert people in the block to wake up and at least stick their heads out of windows or wrap their heads in towels or something like that. .. It didn`t work unfortunately because a lot of them were still stuck in there. I hope that a lot of people got out but frankly I didn`t really see that many. "

"What I did see were firemen who went above and beyond the call of duty. I saw ones running in without protective clothing on them to try and get into that building to try and get people out. How they managed to do it I have absolutely no idea because the first thing that caught fire was the emergency staircase because during the regeneration they fitted gas pipes along the emergency staircase. It was the quickest way to get them from the bottom of the block to the top and then to drill through to all the flats to give them new boilers..."

"All our concerns were dismissed. We were told that we would end up with more green space than we have now and we were told ... that any objections people were making about the risks of fire or the risks of people dying was scaremongering and they actually sent a cease and desist letter to the local blog, the Grenfell Action Group... David and Goliath didn`t have a patch on this, believe me."

Joe Delany, resident of Grenfell Tower.

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