Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Letter from Melanie Shaw

Brian Gerrish read aloud a letter from Melanie Shaw from HMP New Hall today on UK Column news, 13 June 2017.

"Hello Brian,

I hope you`re well. I`m in a mess here. I`ve been kept in a locked cell for four weeks, 24,7.  I`m not allowed toilet paper or able to wash my hair.  My tourettes are back this morning. Brian please can you help me. I don`t even know if you`ll get this letter. Please, I`ve nothing to do. No smokes, or anything. It hurts me that I`m being treated in such a disgusting way. I don`t know who directs this or why. I`m not strong as I`ve let myself down but I`m alone here in this cell. The odd staff utter a few words at you. At least in Foston they would speak to me and treat me decently. I`ve no mental health support here. Nothing. I`m just locked permanently in a cell like a Romanian circus bear. They want me to suffer and have cabin fever. Please contact Chris Leslie as he`s assigned formal authority to share info." [`She means on herself,` says Brian Gerrish, `and she then authorises me to act on her behalf and she`s asked me to make this letter public.`]

"Brian please thank the listeners for their letters. I have stamps and some paper but no envelopes. If a stamp is stuck to a self-addressed envelope I will be given it and can write back. I don`t need or want money. All I want is to talk to people by letter."

"Please help me to stop this abuse. I have no knickers either. It`s unbelievable and God only knows what they`re doing in private to other inmates. I`m scared to sleep and often put my chair behind my door. Do you understand me? I don`t deserve this at all. This is not rehabilitation. I`ve not been diagnosed as mentally ill, but normal. The area psychologist from Yorkshire has refused to finish her report by not coming back to prison. People who are decent are traumatised by my maltreatment and neglect."

"So there is a letter from a woman brave enough to speak up on the subject of child abuse. She has now been held for nearly a year, most of that time in solitary confinement and she is in prison as a direct result of the policy of Theresa May as home secretary and Theresa May in the last weeks as prime minister."

"... I have not had communication from Melanie in a long time. The last communication I had indicated that her treatment was slightly better. She now appears to be being abused again and if viewers are new to the subject of Melanie Shaw and want to know why she`s being treated like this the only explanation we can come up with is because she`s yet another child abuse survivor who says that British politicians have been and are involved in the abuse of children and of course the government is doing everything it can to cover this up."

Mike Robinson interjects: "Melanie always appreciates letters and she says a self-addressed envelope would be very helpful."

"Yes indeed and somebody`s asking what exactly was she sentenced on. Well we`re not too sure because she was sentenced in a secret court but we believe that it was so-called breach of a restraining order."

"But we at the moment watch Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michael Fallon, even Mr Corbyn, talking about leaders overseas - how they run their countries - and that letter gives us an insight into the utter filth which Britain has now become under this LibLabCon."

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  1. [3rd july 2017 UK Column about 45 minutes]

    Communication has improved for Melanie Shaw as she is able to give & receive letters but she is still spending a great deal of time in solitary. There may be news coming within the next few weeks or months of Melanie`s release from prison.