Sunday, 4 June 2017

Is the NHS for sale ?

Sharmini Peries from Real News reports that the NHS is planning to delay or cancel treatment across half the country according to the health charity the King`s Fund. "Health professionals accuse the Tories of wilfully destroying the NHS by starving it of cash it needs to operate safely."

"This brings to mind the comments of Tory Party grandee Oliver Letwin who in 2004 allegedly told a private meeting that the NHS would cease to exist in five years of a Tory government. Letwin, then advisor to the Tory chancellor, also offered a book titled Privatising the World. ...."

Theresa May, recently on the Andrew Neil show, said that she was backing the proposals in the Naylor Review. There it states that the property and the buildings held by the NHS will be sold off which the NHS must do in order to have access to public funding.

Speaker: "The Naylor Review published earlier this year gives cash-strapped hospitals only one option to be able to buy vital equipment such as MRI scanners through the sale of their land and hospitals. To encourage them to do this as quickly as possible, for every pound they raise by flogging off assets, the Treasury will give them an extra two pounds to spend. We’ve been told time after time by Theresa May that the NHS is not for sale. However, her support for the Naylor Review means this simply cannot be true."


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