Sunday, 11 June 2017

Children`s minister loses his seat

"The children’s minister Edward Timpson has lost his seat in the general election, which resulted in a hung parliament but with the Conservatives remaining in power."

"The now former Conservative MP who had been children’s minister since 2012 lost by 48 votes in his Crewe and Nantwich constituency last night in an election full of surprises."

"Timpson had led on the coalition and Conservative governments’ attempted sweeping reforms to children’s social work, but had encountered difficulty getting the Children and Social Work Act 2017 through parliament..."

"During his time as children’s minister he oversaw the establishment of the innovation fund, which has provided government cash to test new ways of working in children’s social work. He also tried and failed to introduce an ‘exemption clause’ to enable local authorities to opt out of certain duties. In addition, Timpson led the introduction of new models of delivery of children’s services, including independent trusts, which the government has forced on some ‘inadequate’ authorities."

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