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Paris agreement on climate change

Theresa`s strong and stable commitment to the Paris climate change agreement is a bit of a waffle.


There are links between climate change, city mayors, Bilderberg and one world governance as the discussion on UK Column, 2 June 2017, was able to draw out. Because children are made frightened about climate change all through their education in schools and beyond, the evidence suggests they are being prepared by deception to accept one world governance

Bilderberg 2017

Mike Robinson spoke to Mark Anderson of American Free Press who is covering the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia.

When he was asked for an update Mark said of the Bilderberg attendees: "They started rolling in yesterday... Christine Lagarde just before 7 pm local time. She`s the long time head of the International Monetary Fund. What is notable this year is that there is no less than fifteen members of the press here... mostly from Italy, Spain, Norway. It`s not just Micklethwait of Bloomberg and it`s not just the Economist and it`s not just Peggy Noonan ...Out of a 131 attendees, we`ve got about 11 or 12 percent media...So the media representation here who are not reporting to their public but are participating has tripled for this year. That`s one very notable thing. Another notable thing is the head of Cern super collider is here, the man that runs that out of Switzerland. That`s rather unusual... But Trump`s apparent decision to pull out of the Paris accord is overshadowing everything and the internationalists, neoliberals, monopoly capitalists and Bilderberg press is going crazy over Trump`s apparent decision. So that`s all they`re talking about is the Paris climate accord over so-called climate change."

"Do you think the change in personnel is in anyway indicating a change of role for Bilderberg," Mike Robinson asked.

"Well certainly we have to look at the wake of the very recent death, May 26th, of Brzezinski, a Bilderberger, also connected to one of the spokes of Bilderberg`s hub and that is the Trilateral Commission that he helped found with David Rockefeller who also passed away in March. So you have the old guard beginning to pass away... and now Henry Kissinger has got to be hanging by the proverbial thread."

"Some of the new people coming on board are the head of Cern, also George Osborne, former chancellor of the Exchequer, listed as the London Evening Standard editor. Now he`s listed as some of the fifteen or so news editors. There`s some new twists and turns like that and the exact answer to that question is one we`ll be exploring more over the weekend talking to people on the inside of the Bilderberg, if at all possible, and talking to others who are coming here... but I would say tentatively the answer is very likely yes."

Patrick Henningsen. "What about the... high tech component of Bilderberg this year, Mark?   They seem to be taking a more prominent role in the steering committees and so forth. What are you hearing about that?"

"What I`ve heard last year and ... going back to 2015 in Austria when that was prevalent then is that this represents the focus on sequestering more information... and more of the connivance between people like Erick Schmidt and these high tech attendees with intelligence people that come to Bilderberg, former and current intelligence people. We have Mr Cohen a former assistant director of the CIA who is here this year. You have this collaboration between former and current Intel people and your Facebook people, your Google people...and the concern is that through artificial intelligence surveillance technology there`ll be more insider trading between Intel people and people who work in the information technology realm that you`re talking about, Patrick. And the suspicion is - and I think it`s a valid one -  is that there`s a lot of insider collaboration going on to get these high tech companies to share more data with the government for surveillance purposes... Just like Michael Meacher said back in 2013, Bilderberg is part of a deal making conference. It`s not just a world planning committee that`s off the grid to chart the basic economic and political and cultural destiny of the world. It`s also a deal making conference. So that`s the general fear. It`s reaching more of a fever pitch this year."

Climate change

Mike Robinson: "Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement and the media is going absolutely nuts. Here is the Independent. Donald Trump might be the dimmest President the US has ever had. Patrick, they`ve got a short memory. Surely George W Bush is the dimmest...?"
"They do have a short memory. It is amazing... Yes, they are up in arms that the US seems to be withdrawing its agreement..."

"So EU leaders warn Trump the Paris climate deal can`t be renegotiated. So Trump seems to be taking a leaf out of the British book attempting to renegotiate things after it happened, or whatever. "

"So the media is full of this stuff. So we now have animations appearing of a hundred years of global warming. So we`ve got to make sure that despite Trump`s decision, don`t wonder why he`s made that decision, keep following the rhetoric. "

"Here`s what you were talking about. Sean Spicer pushed this out. It`s a quote from Trump saying I was elected by voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris. I promised I would exit or renegotiate any deal which fails to serve US interests."

"Well, the responses: Fact: Hillary Clinton received 80% of the vote in Pittsbugh, Pittsburgh stands with the world & will follow Paris Agreement. And we get a clue here as to the kind of response we are going to see. This is the same guy, Bill Pedulo, saying, As the Mayor of Pittsburgh, I can assure you that we will follow the guidelines of the Paris Agreement for our people, our economy and future and he said: The United States joins Syria, Nicaragua & Russia in deciding not to participate with world`s Paris Agreement. It`s now up to cities to lead and here we get the clue of what`s coming next."


"And this is Anne Hildago, Mayor of Paris. Regardless of Donald Trump`s decision, the great cities of the world... remain resolutely committed to doing what needs to be done to implement the Paris agreement."

"So what we`re seeing is this being used as an excuse to push through a form of alternative governance. We`re not going to have national governments any more. It`s going to be city based."

Patrick Henningsen concurs: "The city state agenda, smart cities, strong cities, resilient cities, we`re back to this theme again, but what it does Mike ... it accentuates the difference politically between urban and rural and definitely if you look at the demographics of the Hilary Clinton campaign .... `I live in the city, so therefore I`m more relevant and people who live outside the city are not as relevant`... "

"Anne Hildago was writing in News Week this morning saying Donald Trump has made a dramatic and unpopular mistake in leaving Paris agreement. Of course the image for the video is of the polar bear . That`s got to be the case. She said: `We deem the momentum generated in Paris, December 2015, irreversible . We firmly believe that the Paris agreement cannot be renegotiated since this is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economies. And of course this is all linked in with Agenda 2030 development goals."

"And just to reinforce that then, of course, she also heads up C40 Cities which is the think tank which promotes city based governance and of course she also heads up Women4Climate."

Let`s just remember who else is involved in this momentum towards city based governance, Ken Livingstone who said: Devolve power to your cities if you want to save the planet. Join the Global Parliament of Mayors. And here`s the Mayor of Hague saying: The Global Parliament of Mayors will deploy collective urban political power manifesting the right of cities to govern themselves, as well as the responsibility to enact viable, cross-border solutions to global challenges. In this era of interdependence, where nation states are increasingly dysfunctional and cities are everywhere rising, the moment has come for cities to take the leap from effective local governance to true global governance."

See Martin Edward`s article The Global Parliament of Mayors and the Abolition of the Electorate

For a list of attendees at Bilderberg see

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